Då var det snart tid för Halloween och jag drar söderut i några dagar

Take your blanket and run away

Jag längtar till fredag


All I know is that I should

I don't know what I've done
Or if I like what I've begun
But something told me to run
And honey you know me it's all or none

There were sounds in my head
LIttle voices whispering
That I should go and this should end
Oh and I found myself listening

Handens fem fingrar

Oväntat besök i huset

Inte varje dag man får ha en fladdermus på besök

Ibland längtar man bort

Side by side

Friends stay side by side.
In life and death you always stole my heart.
You’ve always meant so much to me it’s hard to believe.
So much to me it’s hard to believe.

My friend and I

För vi har tagit studeenteen..

Bal 2009

Stad i ljus, i ett land utan namn

Stugan 14 - 15 April


Katter i mängder

Fly me to the moon and let me sing among the stars

Release me

"I am a rolling wave without the motion
A glass of water longing for the ocean
I am an asphalt flower breaking free
but you keep stopping me
Release me
Release me


Stuga plus Fest

Släkten samlad

God jul

You´ve changed

Oh baby, you´ve changed
You´re not the angel I once knew
Oh, no need to tell me that we´re through, babe
It´s all over now
You´ve changed

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